No Trolls In My Family

It is difficult to find only one way to help a friend or loved one understand the importance of not sharing false or misleading information on social media. We each have various levels of comfort and/or closeness with everyone in our lives; I suggest we establish different levels of communication to better inform how the information is false or misleading. I also find it important to respond to your friends or loved ones in a private form rather than for everyone else to see.

No matter how small the disagreement about the information is, when pointed out in a social forum for others to see the exchange immediately changes the environment to somewhat like “a stage” or “boxing match” given the topic. This situation then could make it a free for all to debate back and forth, exchanging misinformation and facts, as others view the exchange and create an opinion of it.

Communication is key and if done properly can change the way we all perceive and exchange information with each other including online. I urge people to research the facts of the false or misinformation down to a primary source along with the other components of the SIFT Method. A primary source is one that recalls a topic firsthand and within the timeframe of that topic. Make note of the primary source and how it proves the shared information is false or a misrepresentation and pass on the information in a proper communication channel to the friend or loved one.

I recommend communicating with family and friends is best done over the phone. Over the phone meaning vie text, messenger, or phone call. Anyone that falls outside that bracket should be contacted via email or social media messenger and you should never out people on a public forum firsthand. I do however recommend that good credible information be distributed as much as possible if initial communication does not work,

I believe it is important to post credible facts with a primary source to combat trolls already “flooding comments”. Trolls are posting comments for an audience. The audience being the people logged into the forum reading and posting in the comments. If credible information proving the falsehood or inaccuracies are being made more readily available privately to the people sharing the information that is being commented on; I believe this would diffuse the exchange of false and inaccurate information. Unless the owner of the forum is a troll. In that case I would deem the forum non-credible and move on.

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