My Concern with the Control of the Media

My main concern with the control of the media is although there are government laws and policies put in place to protect the user’s personal information, many big tech companies may ask the user to agree to terms removing or modifying these rights.  Some big tech companies also have the user agree to terms that allow that company and its business partners to share and use the users’ personal information for the business partners’ products and services. Facebook, for example, accepts payment from its business partners to promote their business partner’s ads and provide their business partners with its users personal and demographic information. Facebook also uses its user’s personal data to improve and promote Facebook products and services, so, my concern is why doesn’t Facebook offer an incentive to its users for the information they use to improve and promote Facebooks products and services? Facebook and other big tech companies that are like a monopoly realize their power and are confident they will not be brought down, and the media will continue to be controlled by them because so many people and businesses rely on their network, community, and marketplace.

Freedom of speech is another concern that I have because the “monopolized” companies like Facebook has the biggest social network and has the power to filter content and people. Another way to put it is they have the power to silence speech in the biggest online platform community. They also have the power to promote or share media in a way to control what information reaches the mass consumers. Big tech corporations have the power, but that power is given to them by the mass consumers whose content they control.

Another piece of control in the media are company paid ads. Using consumer personal information to promote third party companies should in my opinion be a program to opt into by the user, not pushed to every user automatically. When consumers are overwhelmed with ads online it also overwhelms bandwidth speeds and is subject to “click-bate” and redirection from the intended website. There are ad blockers, anti-tracking software, incognito browsers, and DuckDuckGo, but these are all measures that I feel should not be necessary as advertisements should not be so overbearing. Also, all these programs come with their own “terms of service/agreement” and are subject to change.

Overall, I believe that the control in the media is in the hands of monopolized companies such as Facebook and fueled by the consumers and business partners relying so much on its online network/community. When these companies interfere with freedom of speech or the user’s online experience is when I believe there is a problem. Also, the ads being pushed to users are based on online activity and may have some inaccuracies or have some privacy concerns when pushing ads to users. Especially if a user is showing their Facebook timeline to someone else and an ad with privacy concerns pops up it can have negative effects on that user. This is because the ad is then in direct correlation of the users activity online whether it be financial, medical, or just private information to that user.

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